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Students, international students, interns, backpackers, roomates and digital nomads can book cheap dorms and safe private rooms in downtown 쿠엥카, close to boarding schools, high schools, colleges, halls of residence and universities, close to buses or train stations, airports or major attractions in 쿠엥카.

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We are close to the city center, not transport is necessary. All the restaurants, nightclubs, Karaoke, and tourist areas of Cuenca El Centro district are a close walk.

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Cuenca is recognized as a leading aventure destination and has a reputation for slow, easy exploration. Head to one of the world’s top 10 outdoor flower markets, hike around the Cajas National Park, and spend time photographing the architecture of this beautiful city.

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Central Park Churches Museums Parks Restaurants Shops

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Cajas National Park, Ingapirca, Pumapungo Museum, lakes, rivers, and many more places to know around or in Cuenca.

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버스 Mirador de Turi로 15 분 또는 도보로 45 분. Baños de Basin까지 버스로 25 분 또는 택시로 15 분. Cajas 국립 공원 버스로 1 시간 15 분. Giron의 버스 폭포에서 1 시간 20 분. 2 시간 Ingapirca Archaeological Park에서. 45 분 Cojitambo 바위, 등반 장소.

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