Church of Nossa Senhora da Conceição Velha에 가까운 캠핑장

리스본에 호스텔, 저렴한 호텔, 아파트, 게스트 하우스, B & B를 찾고 계십니까? 리스본의 모든 최고의 가격은 kr.Dorms.com안에 있습니다. 매달 수천명의 여행자들이 이곳에서 예약을 진행하시듯이 고객님도 리스본의 저렴한 가격에의 호스텔을 안전하게 예약하실 수 있습니다. 웹사이트에 고객님이 원하시는 핫 트렌디 시내 주변의 호스텔을 쉽게 찾을 수 있으며, 대학가, 기차역, 공항, 모든 리스본의 관광명소에서 가까운 호스텔을 찾을 수 있습니다.

호스텔 호스텔 - Hostel Belem Guest House

The location couldn't be better, close to several touristic attractions, good restaurants, bars and easy access to all city by bus or subway.

호스텔 호스텔 - Hub New Lisbon Hostel

Nested between Bairro Alto and Príncipe Real, Hub New Lisbon Hostel has the best location for the bohemians. Botanical garden, belvederes, bars, design shops, cool restaurants. Traditional and historical neighborhoods Chiado & Baixa walking distance.

호스텔 호스텔 - Hostel Seven Hills

At the heart of Lisbon, between Alameda and Baixa do Chiado, the Hostel Seven Hills presents dorm beds. Our hostel is a 15 minutes distance from the Lisbon Airport, which you can reach easilly by using the Metro service.

호스텔 호스텔 - White House Lisbon Hostel

We're located next to "Glbenkian" Museum and "Eduardo VII" park wich are important landmarks of the city. On this area called "Bairro Azul" you can find several restaurants, typical shops and "El Corte Inglês" shopping center.

호스텔 호스텔 - CoolPeople Hostel

You will find the Amoreiras Shopping Center, 5 min walking from the Hostel. Also, is a five minute distance from Praça Marquês de Pombal, what we call Center!

호스텔 호스텔 - Vistas de Lisboa Hostel

The walk up the hill to São Jorge Castle takes around 20 minutes and it can also be accessed by a tram that stops a 5-minute walk from Hostel Vistas de Lisboa. Within 2 minutes’ walk there are bus stops, and a tram to Belém, home to a tower surrounded by the Tagus River. Located 200 m away is Santa Justa Lift and 100 m further are the ruins of the Carmo Convent. Rossio Train Station is 500 m away and Lisbon International Airport is 7 km away.

호스텔 호스텔 - Lookout Lisbon! Hostel

Lookout Lisbon! Hostel lies at the top of Bairro Alto, which needs no introduction; it's definitely the liveliest area in Lisbon, where you can find some of the best restaurants, cafes, bars, and shops in town!

호스텔 호스텔 - Nicely Hostel

나이슬리 호스텔은 리스본 중앙에 위치합니다. 동일한 위치에 각종 편의시설이 가득합니다: 상점, 레스토랑, 수퍼마켓, 정원, 커피숍... 호스텔이 알라메다 (Alameda)에 있는빛의 분수대 (Fonte Luminosa)와 가까우며, 리스본의 주요 거리 중 하나에 위치하고 있습니다.

호스텔 호스텔 - THE DORM

리스본에서 가장 크고 오래된 공장 지대 중 하나에 위치한 돔 (Dorm)은 세상에 잘 알려지지 않은 리스본의 숨어 있는 보석과 같은 지역인 LXFACTORY라 불리는 곳에 있습니다. 독창성 있는 이 섬은 예전에는 산업 전문가들이 차지했었으나, 지금은 매우 다양한 이벤트가 열리는 장으로 탄생하였습니다: 패션, 광고, 아트, 건축, 음악 등의 행사가 많이 열립니다. 따라서, 역동적인 힘의 주축이 되는 곳으로, 수많은 방문객을 불러들이는 Alcântara의 도심 속 아트 지역 LXFACTORY에 오시면 재미난 볼거리가 가득합니다.

호스텔 호스텔 - Hans Brinker Hostel Lisbon

Lisbon is a walking city but if you’ve worn holes in your shoes or you’re dragging truckloads of shopping with you just jump on the metro. The Picoas (yellow line) and Parque (blue line) stations are just around the corner from the Brinker. From there, the metro will take you to and from the old city center in 5 -10 minutes. Our staff is certified Lisbon experts and they’re more than happy to tell you where to go (and how to get there).

호스텔 호스텔 - Hub Lisbon Patio Hostel

Between Avenida da Liberdade and Saldanha, Hub Lisbon Patio Hostel is the perfect place to stay where the locals are. At a walking distance from all the main sights in Lisbon like the famous Alfama district and the Baixa, we are the perfect place for an amazing experience in Lisbon!

호스텔 호스텔 - Sky Beds Lisbon Hostel

CLOSEST LANDMARKS Pombaline Downtown 0.1 km Sao Cristovao & Lourenço Church 0.2 km Santa Justa Elevator 0.2 km MUDE – Design & Fashion Museum 0.3 km Baixa/Chiado Metro – Baixa 0.3 km Praca da Figueira 0.3 km MUDE – Fashion Design Museum 0.3 km Lisbon Cathedral 0.3 km Rua Augusta Arch 0.3 km Dona Maria II National Theatre 0.4 km

호스텔 호스텔 - The Elevator Hostel

It is spotted right in the centre of Lisbon and yet you feel the atmosphere of the neighborhood: real people, real shops, great photo angles and plenty of greenery at the park just behind. It is pleasant and quiet yet everything is easily accessible either walking or by public transportation.

호스텔 호스텔 - Lisbon Cosy Hostel

There are free street parking spaces next to the hostel. Right next to us there is a food market, supermarket, grilled chicken take away, post office, pharmacy and ATM machine. Walk to nearby restaurants, cafes and retail shops. The neighborhood is safe and quiet.

호스텔 호스텔 - Braamcamp Sublime Hostel

Our location is next to Marquês de Pombal,Saldanha, Rato, Bairro Alto and downton (Rossio, Chiado) can be reached 10 minutes by walk. Also, in 10 minutes walk to Rossio train station you have you have direct connection to Sintra village. A wide range of points of interest, shops, cafes, and restaurants can be found within a short walk from Braamcamp Sublime Hostel.

호스텔 호스텔 - Suave Lisboa Hostel

Closest landmarks St. George's Castle 0.2 km Martim Moniz 0.3 km Martim Moniz Square 0.3 km Nossa Senhora do Monte Belvedere 0.3 km Sao Cristovao and Sao Lourenço Church 0.4 km Portas do Sol Belvedere 0.5 km Praca da Figueira 0.5 km Santiago Church 0.5 km Santa Luzia Belvedere 0.5 km Dona Maria II National Theatre 0.6 km

호스텔 호스텔 - GoldenTram 242 Lisbonne Hostel

It is an 8-minute walk to the Bairro Alto and its assorted bars and nightlife options. The Lisbon city centre is a 3-minute drive and features many shops, cafés and restaurants. The famous and scenic Santa Justa Lift is just across from the hostel, and the Tagus riverside is also within 5 minutes’ walking distance. The Golden Tram 242 Lisbonne Hostel is a 15-minute drive from the Lisbon International Airport. The Baixa/Chiado Metro station is a 2-minute walk and also connects with the airport.

호스텔 호스텔 - Surf in Chiado Hostel

Tagus River; Luis Camões Square; Pink Street; Bairro Alto; Bica;

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