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Students, international students, interns, backpackers, roomates and digital nomads can book cheap dorms and safe private rooms in downtown 리마, close to boarding schools, high schools, colleges, halls of residence and universities, close to buses or train stations, airports or major attractions in 리마.

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Located in the modern Miraflores district, Selina’s is close to everything you could desire from a touristic viewpoint. Wake up in the coastal areas where you can kick sand in the air and enjoy a relaxing walk along the beach. We’re also not far from the city's center, where you will find Pre-Columbian temples, colorful mansions, and huge, colonial cathedrals.

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Banks, restaurants, cafes, parks, museums, money exchange, different stores, fast food, tourist information, and more.

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Halfway between Miraflores´ Central Park and the seafront, our place is accurate for keeping contact with nature, taking surf lessons or having fun in a tandem paraglider flight, and with all the necessary urban amenities such as restaurants, shopping centers, handicrafts stores, art and cultural centers, and leisure venues.

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Our hostel is located in a common local area, where you could meet real Peruvian in the street as well as shops, restaurants, and markets. The area is a cheap area. The surrounding could look a little bit strange as foreign person, but it like we Peruvians live.

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We are 2 blocks from C.C. Plaza San Miguel, PUPC. The location has been designed so that the traveler is among the most important points of a visit to Lima, Peru. It is 1 of the 6 safe districts of Lima. You can find many prestigious restaurants in the surroundings.

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Our hostel is located next to Sargento Pimienta rocm Bar, which is a touristic and famous bar with a lot kf years working as a rockers singers has to start.

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Perfect Location Between non-stop entertainment, nightlife, world-famous food, and cliff-top ocean views, Miraflores is undeniably the place to stay in Lima. Limas historic downtown is right next door where you can find endless shopping, and must see museums. We are only a 5 minute walk from Makaha Beach where surfing, paragliding, bike tours, and beautiful sunset views all await you. You will feel at home here in the safest, most friendly neigborhood of Lima.

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Nirvana Hostel은 미식 레스토랑 바, 박물관, 커피 숍, 기념품 매장을 찾을 수있는 최고의 미라 플로레스 (Miraflores) 지구에 있으며, 주말마다 라이브 음악과 음식 축제로 가득한 훌륭한 나이트 라이프를 자랑하는 바랑 코 (Barranco)의 보헤미안 지역으로 제한됩니다.

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